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 Greens – Repair of Dry Skin

The fresh juice hidden within the succulent Aloe Vera leaf serves as the basis for this pure soothing gel.

Aloe Pure Natural Gel - Repair of Dry Skin - Intensively hydrates the skin

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  • The rich polysaccharide content within Aloe Vera leaves serves as the basis for this pure soothing gel. It is extracted through a freeze drying process to obtain a pure, concentrated, unpreserved powder.

    Intensively hydrates the skin, making it ideal for calming and relieving skin redness.

    Excellent as a soothing compress or as a co-product for a mild biological peel for delicate skin.

    Also excellent as a cooling hydrating mask that effectively soothes the skin after sunburn, or as a follow up treatment after facial peels.

    Will effectively diminish redness of fragile skin types with visible capillaries.

    Excellent as a soothing after sunburn mask

    Preserved with flower extracts.

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