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Oily Problem Skin

 pasty, butter-type, natural, Dead Sea, preservative-free facial exfoliating scrub.

Ananas Crystal Peeling - Removes dead cells and deeply cleans

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  • Removes dead cells, lightens the complexion and deeply cleanses enlarged skin pores, making blackheads much less apparent.

    Should not be rubbed on the skin, rather gently massaged with the gradual addition of water or a small amount of Revitalizing AHA Lotion (if stronger exfoliation desired).

    The crystalline beads in the scrub readily dissolve, leaving clear, smooth skin upon removal.

    Plantain and corn starch add to the skin smoothing effect and enhance skin softness.

    Enzymatic pineapple fruit extract further enhances exfoliation.

    Rich emollient oils protect the skin surface, maintain its moisture.

    Using Ananas Peel, after depilation, may significantly reduce the discomfort of ingrown hair.

    A concentrated product, easy to use. Only a small quantity is required to achieve the desired result, while a much greater amount of water is added to activate the treatment.

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