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The edible Japanese mushroom

Anti-Wrinkle Cream Nameko 45+- smooth and improve skin elasticity over time

75 Milliliters
Excluding Sales Tax
  • The edible Japanese mushroom. Nameko produces for its own enviromental protection a mucus (mucin) which is composed of mostly proteins and polysaccharides. This Mucin has a moisture retention capacity that is 6 times greater than that of hyaluronic acid, Moreover, it also slows down TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) more effectively than HA. Nameko Mucin in the formula significantly reduces t the sensation of "dry after-feel characteristic of many anti-wrinkle formulas. Multiple polysaccharides are cross-linked in this anti-wrinkle formula creating a three-dimensional web in which tiny droplets of oils and moisturizers are suspended to be released during application onto the skin within a few seconds of a soothing fingertip massage. The skin-smoothing bio-peptide Argireline (Hexapeptide-8) enhances the firming effect of this formula. Polysaccharides produced from les of fermentation of microorganisms such as Biosaccharide Gum and Sodium Hyaluronate, contribute to the skin's moisture balance. Among the seed oils the formula, which softens and improve the skin's elasticity over time as well as slow down Trans Epidermal Water dow Loss, are the following: Hemp seed oil, Jojoba wax, Rosehip oil and Shea Butter. The shelf life of the tunnula is protected by sustainable boosters which are not categorized as conventional preservatives, providing it with the necessary long-term microbiological resistance without irritating the skin.

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