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Oily Problem Skin

Especially designed to soothe oily, problem skin, this light, exceptionally soothing, creamy mask offers immediate relief following salon deep pore cleansing. When applied in a thin layer, it serves as a “leave on” moisturizer.

Clear Mask - Oily Problem Skin -Excellent as a balancing and calming home care

100 Milliliters
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Excellent as a balancing and calming home care mask.

    Aloe, lichen, honey and a cinnamon derivative with enhanced penetration target oily skin problems, naturally.

    Effectively maintains the skin moisture balance essential to minimize the clogging of oily skin pores.

    Natural emollients in the mask were carefully selected from those least prone to oxidation (jojoba and triglycerides).

    Vitamin E maintains the quality of the natural components in the mask.

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