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Normal to Dry Skin

Reach moisturizing and nourishing cream 

Day Repair - Normal to Dry Skin

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  • Reach moisturizing and nourishing cream for the correction of age-related changes and the prevention of premature aging. Provides the necessary level of hydration, restores lipid mantle of skin, makes wrinkles smooth out, improves facial contour.

    Active ingredients provide inhibition of enzymes –which destroy collagen-elastin complex of dermis. The SMRT © complex, which is based on the Progeline tripeptide, provides a modelling effect that returns elasticity and elasticity to skin, reducing deep wrinkles.

    Regular use increases efficiency and provides visible results: skin becomes more elastic and tight, the shape of the face is improved, and local immunity is increased. It has a pleasant, quickly absorbed texture, suitable to use before make-up.

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