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Alleviating Skin Redness

A refreshing facial toner formulated as a light, oil-free gel that soothes the skin, increasing its moisture binding capacity.


Facial Mist - Alleviating Skin Redness -Ideal for stressed skin

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  • Contains moisturizing components that are similar to those naturally present in the skin. This composition provides optimal skin tolerance and leaves a comfortable, soothing sensation.

    Ideal for stressed skin or as a relief following excessive exposure to the sun.

    Contains premium moisturizers including collagen (marine origin). Dead Sea minerals, hyaluronic acid and phospholipids that protect the natural barrier of the skin.

    Ideally serves to cool and relieve redness in all skin types.

    For oily and combination skin, it may be used it on its own as a refreshing moisture touch.

    For dry and normal skin, it is best used under a day or night cream.

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