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The Gold Series  -  Mature Dry Skin

A rich, softening mask designed for dry, dehydrated skin. As a water in oil emulsion it forms an occlusive barrier locking the moisture in. Its unique yellow colour is derived from the golden, replenishing Sea buckthorn oil which provides its wealth of skin beneficial constituents to the mask.

Golden Facial Mask - Mature Dry Skin - Protection for the skin from dryness

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  • The rich texture provides optimal softening for dry, dehydrated skin types, providing excellent protection for the skin from dryness. The W/O occlusive emulsion inhibits evaporation from the skin’s surface, providing increased moisture retention.

    Gives a velvety smooth feel even after a single application.

    Contains moisture binding minerals such as sodium PC A, Dead Sea mineral rich water and sugars, to maintain the skin softness.

    Premium emollients (Shea Butter, Jojoba seed oil, essential fatty acids and Olive oil squalane) enhance skin elasticity and resilience.

    Active antioxidants (vitamin E and Dunaliella Salina oily extract) protect against damaging free radicals.

    Calming ingredients such as Bisabolol and Honeysuckle extract contribute to the sensation of comfort during application.

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