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Oily Problem Skin

A quick-drying, Dead Sea mineral lotion for overnight spot treatment of oily, problem (acne prone) skin.

Herbal Drying Lotion - Absorbs oily residue, calms local redness

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  • Absorbs oily residue, calms local redness and provides a matte appearance.

    Herbal astringents (Witch Hazel and Coneflower) combined with purifying essential oils (Clary, Thyme and Lavender) enhance skin’s hygienic conditions.

    The powder components in the suspension absorb excess moisture and oiliness, enhancing a more even skin tone.

    Iron oxides provide a tinted hue that may be used to cover up imperfections during daytime.

    A botanical, non-medicated formula for adolescents that supports skin hygiene.

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