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Normal to Dry Skin

A silky, smoothing, natural red serum with vitamin C ester as an active antioxidant, which is also known for its skin-lightening effect.

Pomegranate Serum "on top" With Ester C - Normal to Dry Skin

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  • Equally beneficial for dry, normal or combination skin.

    This “non-tacky” serum is readily absorbed as it pampers the skin and gently restores its lipid mantle.

    Enriched with pure, solvent-free, concentrated CO2 extracts of pomegranate seeds and Gromwell root, that also provide the natural red hue.

    Additional oil-soluble vitamins (E, F & A) provide optimal protection for the natural components.

    Enhances the softness of all skin types without leaving an oily after-feel.

    Preservative free.

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