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Oily Problem Skin

A Dead Sea exfoliating fluid that purifies and smooths the skin surface. Ideal for oily problem skin for facial care. In addition, may also be used as a rinse-off peel in the shower to exfoliate and smooth dry, flaky skin with excessive dead cells that accumulate on the surface.

Salvital Dead Sea Bio-Peel - Exfoliates and smoothes rough and scaly areas

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  • Free of preservatives, surfactants, emulsifiers, colorants or fragrances.

    Does not cause any surface drying that may lead to clogged pores.

    Leaves skin feeling as fresh as morning dew.

    Exfoliates and smooths areas of rough, scaly, dry skin.

    Purifies, softens, smooths and energizes the skin, whilst nourishing it from within and ridding it of its waste.

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