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Sensitive Combination Skin

A gentle, exfoliating gel that easily softens and removes excessive oiliness and dead cell buildup from skin and scalp.

Scalex Natural Exfolianing Gel - Sensitive Combination Skin

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  • Rich with premium oils (Olive, Jojoba, Macadamia and Noni seed oil) and soothing herbal extracts (Burdock root and Marigold) that provide optimal skin softening.

    Dead Sea mineral water and natural polyols enhance skin’s moisture balance leaving it clean and silky smooth after use.

    SCALEX Natural Exfoliating Gel provides a thorough, natural, surface cleansing and smoothing for various skin types on a weekly basis, or when necessary.

    Ideal, natural care for “cradle cap” and other similar scalp conditions when used in the bath or shower.


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