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*Sensitive Combination Kit*

Skin Care

Scalex Natural Exfolianing Gel-gently Removes oiliness and dead cell buildup from face and scalp. Pure balm - A calming emulsion delicate, Oily / Combination Skin. Treats the stressed T-ZONE with redness and irritation. Foam purifying cleanser-foam designed to cleanse and gently exfoliate Oily/Combination Skin. Soothing mask-immediate calming sensation. aloe and honeysuckle extracts providing a cooling relief for redness and discomfort.


4 products = Foam Purifying Cleanser Sensitive Combination Skin + Soothing Mask + Scalex Natural Exfolianing Gel + Pure Balm Sensitive Combination Skin

Sensitive Combination Kit - 4 Products to Sensitive combination Skin

₪428.00 Regular Price
₪406.60Sale Price
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